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Floating Walls Furniture & Furnishing Floating Walls INR Floating Walls Furniture & Furnishing
Shop No. 113/12, Yelahanka Taluk, Airport Road Chikkajala, bengaluru 562157

Shop No. 113/12, Yelahanka Taluk, Airport Road, Opposite McDonalds, Chikkajala, bengaluru, karnataka - 562157

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Alaska Full Lifton Queen Size Bed Alaska Full Lifton Queen Size Bed
7007737c-9d57-4d50-bbfd-8a222bc0ce81 Alaska Full Lifton Queen Size Bed
4.86 135
The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place of...
The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place of luxury, comfort and restful sleep. Furnish it with our designer branded bedroom furniture that ticks all the right boxes by being both ergonomically comfortable and contemporary in design. Fix 0
Lounge Chair - Green Lounge Chair - Green
83f34048-5394-47d9-a29c-f434e5213b5e Lounge Chair - Green
4.86 135
If you're looking for a place to rest your head in...
If you're looking for a place to rest your head in style, a cozy spot to kick back and relax, or a sleek space that looks inviting and luxurious, come explore our range of living room furniture. Fix 0
LMG CT - A87 Console Table White Top LMG CT - A87 Console Table White Top
65dbbe23-fa25-426e-83ce-b7bda4ce8607 LMG CT - A87 Console Table White Top
4.86 135
With our modern furniture, you can have both - bec...
With our modern furniture, you can have both - because we care about your needs. Fix 0
The Constance Collection New The Constance Collection New
bb065efc-7fdf-43a0-941a-7c1466ea0a1b The Constance Collection New
4.86 135
The Constance collection blind makes your home loo...
The Constance collection blind makes your home looks like a designer home with its brown colour and damask design making it more elegant. If you are someone who loves something royal these can be the best choice available for you. It helps to block the bright light and dust from entering your premises and also the maintenance becomes painless due to fabric quality. Fix 0
Phantom 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Phantom 3 Seater Fabric Sofa
e69ea927-d813-4c0c-9133-20a712843457 Phantom 3 Seater Fabric Sofa
4.86 135
Made with the finest materials, our collection of ...
Made with the finest materials, our collection of designer furniture is perfect for any living room. With features like ergonomic, durable, comfortable, and contemporary styles, you'll find the perfect piece for your home. Choose from a variety of brands, from classic to trendy. Fix 0
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135 Reviews (4.86)
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anusha mahanti
Mohammed Rehan A
G. Chandra Mouli
Venkatesh V
Must visit the store, Lot of sofa, Dining table and lot of collection for the Decor items. Very much friendly staffs and very Helpfull. Well known about the sofas, We bought Sofa per our choice and we got on time Delivery Special thanks to Devraj for on time Delivery. I recommend this place to visit to get all the furniture's. Ample parking space is there outside
Satyendra Yadav
The store had a Lots of collection and Beautiful Aritifact collections. One stop solutions for Home. Thansk to Lakshminarayan for his help .... I recommend to visit this store for more and more collection
About Floating Walls
A chain of furniture, furnishing, curtains, blinds, sofa Stores called Floating Walls Furniture & Furnishing is located in Chikkajala, Bengaluru, Karnataka. You can also visit the Stores to experience our wide range of products, and offers, and share reviews. Floating walls is a furniture and furnishing stores chain in Bengaluru and Jaipur. Floating walls furniture categories like living, dining, bedroom, decor, study and office and outdoor furniture and furnishing materials. Wide range of popular best quality products like wooden and fabric sofa set, sofa set, coffee table, bedside table, corner table, chair and benches, dining set, dining table, wide range of king and queen side bed and mattresses. Best quality spring, coir and foam materials mattress. Floating walls furnishing curtains, cushion and cover, bed liner, wooden zebra leser blinds, rugs, carpets and wooden flooring. best quality of study and office table chairs. Floating walls of the best quality or branded wallpaper & paintings.
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This is the question we asked ourselves when designing and sourcing furniture from globally renowned brands. Our specially curated range of furniture and furnishings does the job for you. It strives on transforming your space in ways that feel just right, just the way you want it. Designing your space is made easy with our furniture and furnishings that exude magnificence on a scale that feels like the perfect marriage of luxury and love. We’re Floating Walls – where luxury feels like home
We use only the best quality raw materials and offer a wide variety of finishes and colours to match your space, backed with years of warranties
Inspiration can be found in many places. Try looking through home décor and lifestyle magazines, as well as visiting furniture store showrooms and home showcases. You can also look to things you love for ideas. For example, try incorporating into your design the colors found in your favorite piece of art.
Professional design consultants can help you manage your project from start to finish and assist you with keeping everything within budget and completed on time. They can also offer a fresh, objective eye without the emotional attachment that you may have to certain objects and styles—and they are usually experts on the latest styles and trends.
You should allow about 14”-18” between the coffee table and front of the sofa. Make it 24” for reclining sofas.
Measure everything in your room—from the size of the room to the windows, doors and your furniture (including the height, width and depth).
Two of the biggest mistakes you can make when placing your furniture are: 1) Placing all of your furniture against the walls, and 2) designing around electrical outlets. Allow your room to breathe by pulling your furniture away from the walls. In fact, floating furniture in the middle of the room creates a sensation of spaciousness. Meanwhile, surround sound, wireless electronics, docking stations and many other technological advances have liberated homeowners from having to work around outlets.
In the dining room, allow at least two feet of space between the back of the chair and the wall. Keep this distance in mind for placing an area rug under your dining table as well.
When it comes to measuring a room, note your wall height as well as the height and width of doors and whether they swing in or out. Record window measurements, outlet placement, sprinklers and corner measurements.
The following design mistakes are common, but simple to correct: 1) lack of lighting, 2) too much furniture, 3) no color plan, 4) all furniture against the walls, 5) designing around electrical outlet locations and 6) hanging art too high or too low.